The closer we get to the present day, the more diverse dance art becomes. The aesthetic and stylistic features and changes in dance, in terms of languages of expression, no longer follow one another chronologically. Rather, contemporary dance is defined by the parallelism of many historical developments. In the 21st century, dance art is not a homogeneous field of art in terms of aesthetics, artistic aims, production conditions or starting points, but a heterogeneous field that is realised and defined in different frames of reference.

Kirsi Monni: Contemporary Dance Since the 1990s – a Brief Overview

  • The Conceptual, Rhizomic and Perceptual Body
  • The Politics of Personal Embodiment
  • Frameworks and Contexts from Different Media to Research

Kirsi Monni: The Embodied Practice of Perception as a Starting Point for Dance – Deborah Hay

  • Practice as Performance and Performance as Perception Practice
  • The Artistic Process and Performing
  • Writing, Choreography and Adaptations of Works

Thomas F. DeFrantz: Black Sensibilities – Contemporary Dance of an African Diaspora

  • Zora Neale Hurston and Cultural Expression
  • E. Patrick Johnson and Troubling Blackness, Troubling Race
  • Black Dance After Race
  • Fugitive Black
  • (M)imosa
  • Fugitive Debt

Kirsi Monni: Discursive Practices in Choreography – Jérôme Bel, Vera Mantero and Xavier Le Roy

  • The Tricky Definition of “Conceptual Dance”
  • Political Meditation – Vera Mantero
  • The Self Unfinished – Xavier Le Roy
  • Language and Meaning – Jérôme Bel
  • Minimalist Early Works 1994–1998
  • The Entertainment, Accessibility and Politics of the Avant-Garde – Works of the 2000s

Riikka Laakso: La Ribot – Embodied Dialogues

  • Miniatures and Their Series: Panoramix (1993–2003)
  • Laughter as Technique, Action and Critique

Hanna Väätäinen: Ableism in Dance and Disabled Dancers

  • Vaudeville and Trailblazers
  • Dancing Wheels and Inclusive Community
  • Candoco and the Transformation of Contemporary Dance
  • Groundbreaking Spinn
  • The Dance Scene in Finland

Hanna Pajala-Assefa: Dance Film – an Alliance of Dance and Moving Image

  • Parallel History of Dance and Cinema
  • With Sound Comes Dance
  • Experimental Cinema
  • Postmodern Dance and Cinema
  • A New Era of Dance Film from the 1980s
  • Diversity of Cinematic Expression

Ari Tenhula: Dance Art and the Internet Age – What is the New Aesthetics of Dance?

Hanna Pajala-Assefa: Dance and Technology – New Stages for Mediated Bodies

  • Technological Attitudes
  • Approaching Technology through the Art of Dance
  • Entanglement of Body and Technology

Simo Kellokumpu: Artist, Researcher and the Challenge of Writing

  • On Artistic Research
  • The Challenge of Writing
  • Two Examples of Searching for Words
  • Artistic Research, Diverse Audiences and the Art World